attitude of gratitude

How many times have you heard the cliche phrase “attitude of gratitude”?  Puke-y, sure, but valid…

I’ve been quiet for the past couple of weeks.  Life happens, you know?  But, though, I’ve been quiet from my blog, I haven’t stopped pressing forward – moving towards the life I’ve imagined (you know, the one where I don’t sit behind a desk 8 hours a day).

Part of that forward momentum has involved taking stock of what’s going on in my life right now.  Yoga stuff aside, this is a busy time of year.  Taxes are due, spring cleaning is a must do and the slow change in weather creates crazy cabin fever.  After doing what all grown ups do this time of year – evaluating my current financial situation and donating a few bags (yes, that is plural) of clothes to Goodwill, I realized something.  I’m doing all right.  And, in light of current events, like the tragedy at the Boston Marathon, my appreciation has grown exponentially (my thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the tragedy).

I’m really, really grateful for who I am, where I am, what I’m doing and who I’m doing it with right now.

I’m surrounded by some really 6b8ad5b14a1484fcd8b08ebb530ed1b8fantastic folks.  I’m able to pay my bills and still surprise my boyfriend with a package of new black t-shirts (this is like the best thing since sliced bread to him).  My parents live close enough that I can drive home for the day (or a few) when I’m feeling a little blue.  I have a job.  I have my health – I can smile in the sunshine and I can cuss the torrential down pour while I’m waiting for the bus in the morning.

Life doesn’t have to be a series of extraordinary events to be spectacular – it truly is the small things that make it unbelievable.  We just get too busy to notice the little things and so we keep waiting for the extraordinary things to wake us up and remind us how lucky we are.

Well, I don’gratitudejournalt want to miss all the little things.  And so I’ve done a really puke-y thing.  I’ve started a gratitude journal.  While I’ve been away from the blog, I’ve been cultivating an attitude of gratitude old school style – pen and paper.  For the first 3 days I tried so hard to think of something else to call the damn thing because ‘gratitude journal’ just reminded me of Oprah’s big thankfulness kick.  But, I couldn’t think of anything that suited it better than that.  And, so, puke-y or not, I am now a proud gratitude journal keeper.

I won’t bore you with all the things I’m grateful for because it does get pretty puke-y.  Especially after 14 days, I can’t imagine what I’ll be thankful for on day 100.  Does each entry have to be unique?  Oy.

I will tell you that it’s kind of changed my perspective already.  Yoga teaches you to live presently, to let go of that which does not serve you and to be grateful for the blessings in your life.  Try taking it a step further and catalog those blessings.  Write down the big things (your friends, your family, your job) and the little things (your favorite pair of boots, mint chocolate chip ice cream, the sound of rain on the rooftop).  And see how it changes you…or doesn’t.  I’ll bet it does.  You’ll be so busy being thankful you won’t have much time to complain.  And that’s pretty epic.

What are you thankful for today?