yoga-dventures with mom

This post is a bit overdue, but better late than never, right?

Two weekends ago, I had a rare weekend free and was able to head home to Wisconsin for some genuine R&R.  Let me tell you, it was wonderful.  In fact, let me ramble on and on below about how wonderful!

I was able to start each morning with a sunny practice on the deck in my parent’s backyard.  Super nostalgic as there were so many awesome memories made in that backyard growing up – bonfires and s’more making with the neighbors, jumping on the trampoline with my best friend Melanie and lazy summer family dinners fighting away the mosquitoes.  To top it all off, I had the pleasure of practicing with my mom.  There is nothing I love more about yoga than sharing the practice and it’s gifts with people that I love.  I have now hooked my mom.  She’s been practicing regularly for over at year at YogaOne in Fox Point (amazing studio, wonderful teachers – Wisconsinites, please check out!) and has built a strong home practice (sans DVDs) – so proud of her.  She was one of my first FacetimeYoga clients and I was able to share with her my keys to unlocking the home practice.  Guess they worked :) I’ve even gotten my dad to practice a few times!  I’m telling you, sharing yoga is the best feeling.  Next up, my wonderful boyfriend.  Here are some pics from our playtime:

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My mom continued to be the amazing mother she has always been and dote on me – complete with fresh juice in the AM!  Carrot, apple, toasted coconut greek yogurt = yum!  (and no, I am not spoiled and I do not measure the amazingness of my mom based on what she does for me and gives me, though, it is nice to be taken care of by mom once in awhile)

By chance, my mom (MJ) and I realized that a studio in Wauwatosa, WI (a quick drive away) was playing the Krishna Das documentary One Track Heart.  I missed it in Chicago so this was a wonderful coincidence!  We joined a large group of yogis at Tosa Yoga for the documentary – side note: Tosa Yoga is a very warm and welcoming studio.  If you live in WI, check it out!

I’m not a huge fan of Kirtan, but this evening has given me the desire to do some more exploring.  After the documentary, the harmonium player hosted an impromtu, and short, Kirtan.  It was unbelievable to see this room full of white bread folks singing ancient mantras in Sanskrit.  (I use white bread in a very endearing manner – I, myself, am white bread – just a normal person who loves yoga and has an appreciation for Kirtan.  You wouldn’t look at me on the street and think:  I bet she chants on the weekend.  And, that’s exactly the vibe I got from my co-watchers and co-chanters)

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Then, he decided to end with Amazing Grace.  I think he wanted to give the crowd an opportunity to hear their voice and feel confident.  To sing a song that is ingrained in just about everyone’s mind so that there was no thought given to the words.  We were free to sing, sing loudly and sing together.  It was pretty beautiful.

Afterward, MJ said something that stuck with me:

“If I could live in a yoga studio or church, I’d be fine.  But, we can’t.  We have to go back to the real world.  And so, we have to apply the lessons we learn there, in the real world.  It’s hard, but I try.  And trying is worth so much.”

What a beautiful summary of the struggle we face as yogis (and spiritual beings) to find balance in this world – I’ll leave you to think on that.

What yoga-dventures have you found yourself on recently?