yoga + trust


Life is a series of decisions.  Decision making is not easy.  It requires knowledge, discernment and trust.  Not blind faith, but trust.  How can the physical practices of yoga (the asana) help us trust more?  Here’s a thought:

By practicing the foundational postures with integrity – proper alignment, depth that honors the unique needs of the body – we learn how to be honest with ourselves.

By moving from the middle – using deep core muscles – we learn to listen to our intuition, trust our gut.

By choosing to go with flow – synchronizing breath and movement – we learn to keep moving forward.

By sitting quietly, by listening in – we learn to believe in the divinity within.

Through all of these things, we learn to trust.

Yes, asana is just one small part of yoga, but it is such a powerful part.  I choose to practice asana almost daily because it teaches me more about myself.  It helps me trust myself.  It allows me to make decisions that make my life better.

May you use this practice to learn how to trust more deeply.