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bakasana your asana off

Oh yogis – have you ever practiced Bakasana and versions of Bakasana and preps for Bakasana for 2.5 hours straight? Yea, me neither…until last weekend.  And, you all know how much I love… Continue reading

yoga-dventures with mom

This post is a bit overdue, but better late than never, right? Two weekends ago, I had a rare weekend free and was able to head home to Wisconsin for some genuine R&R. … Continue reading

yoga voguing

Yoga photography is hot right now.  Be it professional or amateur selfies on Instagram (follow me! @angiestarz24), everyone is snapping proof that they practice.  There’s a ton of chatter in the yoga world… Continue reading

jason’s yoga = my yoga

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of practicing with Jason Crandell at Moksha.  WOW!  I was only able to attend one of his workshop sessions, but you all know how I feel about… Continue reading

create space in tight places

There are a million amazing lessons that yoga can teach, but one that continues to follow me around is how to create space in tight places.  Last week, I had to head to… Continue reading

hand balances and facon

This morning, I had the pleasure of teaching a mini hand balance workshop at a friend’s house.  What a great start to a Sunday!  We played on our hands and then rewarded ourselves… Continue reading