Yoga truly is a personal practice and private sessions are a perfect way to develop your practice.  As a complement to your studio and home practice, privates allow you to be selfish in a healthy way.  Even the most selfless person must remember that in order to offer others love and support, you must first give those things to yourself!  With private sessions, you benefit from:Selfish isn't a dirty word

  • Convenience:  Privates can be held in your home or mine, at a park (weather permitting) or any other space available to you (an office or private studio at your gym, etc)
  • Customization:  These sessions are all about you and what you need from the practice, physically, mentally and spiritually
  • Deeper Learning:  The tradition of yoga goes far beyond just the physical poses (or asana).  During your private, we have more time to cover pranayama (breathwork), meditation, even philosophy – the focus is up to you!
  • Expedited Progress:  Privates make it much easier to explore the subtle body – moving beyond the gross physical movements and focusing on the therapeutic benefits of proper alignment within asana.  So, it’s totally possible to see yourself move more quickly towards your intention (relieving lower back pain, cultivating a sense of gratitude, easing anxiety or depression, etc).  But, as with all things in life, you get out of the practice what you put into the practice.  One of the purposes of private sessions is to give you the tools and confidence you need to practice consistently, either at home or in the studio.

If you’re interested in a private session or semi-private (2-4 people), please contact me at with the following information:

  • Name
  • Date and time desired
  • Intention (ex: “loosen tight ham strings, heart openers, relieve low back tension, strength in arm balances, etc”)
  • Number of people joining