the power of the home practice

homeI believe that the foundation of any well-rounded, holistic yoga practice is a home practice.  As  modern yogis and yoginis, life sometimes gets in the way of our favorite Wednesday night vinyasa class or the restorative class we adore on Saturday mornings.

One of the many benefits of yoga is that all we need to practice is ourselves.  Sure, mats (and clothes!) are helpful.  But, really, we could be stranded on a deserted island, ‘Naked and Afraid’ style, and still have all we need for our practice.  So, a home practice should be easy, right?  In theory, sure, but in reality, the home practice can be daunting, scary and even unsafe.

During this workshop, I share 10 Keys to Unlock the Home Practice and combine lecture with a special asana sequence that provides sequencing and alignment tools necessary to build a home practice.  Throughout these 3 hour session, we’ll commit to our home practice and afterward, we’ll maintain that commitment through the ongoing resources I provide via this wonderful, new thing called the worldwide web.

This workshop is critical for any studio interested in encouraging their students to deepen their practice and a must for studios offering teacher training.  I’m sure we all can agree: the best teachers have a strong personal practice and that is only built with the solid foundation of the home practice.

To request a copy of the training materials for this workshop or discuss why I believe in The Power of the Home Practice, please feel free to reach out!